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Bachelor degrees in other fields depending on their effectiveness related to the work of professional chaplaincy or supervision of clinical pastoral education must meet the academic qualification standards in order to begin the process to give a degree.

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution or university. If the undergraduate degree is not accredited, an accredited school must attest to the acceptance of the degree as a prerequisite for postgraduate studies or its application may not be considered.

Professional certification by a Chaplain certified by the Board who has served on certification committees and has already known the applicant professionally for at least two years will be evaluated as an educational equivalency qualifier for up to 15 semester hours.

A second degree in theological, religious or spiritual studies evaluated for semester credits from pre-graduate to postgraduate can only be evaluated up to 15 credits.

Continuing professional education will be evaluated in a 100 contact hours ratio equivalent to one semester of credit which admits 15 semester credits.

Three credit units beyond the four required for certification will receive five semester credits each, up to 15 semester credits.

Professional publication and teaching of chaplaincy, religion and spiritual care and education equals 15 semester credits.