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Master's degree.

Master's degree.

  • To obtain this master’s degree, the student must have a minimum of 72 semester hours, 72 semester credits or 108 credits.

– Twenty-four semester graduate credits in theological, religious or spiritual studies and at least one in each of the following categories:

  • History of the faith
  • Teaching and principles of faith.
  • Sacred texts
  • Moral principles or ethics based on faith.

– Twenty-four semester graduate credits in chaplaincy, religious or spiritual care, counseling and / or
practice with one (1) course from at least six (6) of the following areas:

  • Religions of the world.
  • Ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Chaplaincy, religious or spiritual care of people.
  • Practice of religious or spiritual counseling.
  • Practice of communication.
  • Religious or spiritual education.
  • Ethics of professional practice.
  • Religious or spiritual leadership in organizations that include:
    a) Leadership in a local community of faith (church, synagogue, temple, mosque, spiritual community life, etc.)

b) Spiritual care of institutions including education, consultation and development of employees in the areas of organizational mission, vision and values, spiritual dimension of the workplace, environments and spiritual dimensions of service.

c) Spiritual dimensions of secular or “secular” leadership.

Faith-based internships supervised by teachers with faith-believing doctorates.

The 24 additional semester graduate credits may be from any one area either 1. or 2. above or any graduate level study accredited or appropriate degree program for chaplaincy or clinical pastoral education supervision.