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President of Chaplains Of Florida

He is the founder and current president of Chaplains of Forida for 12 years.


Amesty obtained her degree in Psychology from the Andrés Bello Catholic University, Caracas, Venezuela and later obtained a Doctorate in Clinical Counseling from Faith Christian University in the state of Florida, United States.


Amesty has served two terms as President of the Church of God Missionary Council. He is one of the founders of the Challenge Rehabilitation Center for Youth, designed for young people addicted to drugs center that works in Caracas, Venezuela. He is the founder and part of the executive board of the Florida Chaplains, an international chaplaincy organization that educates inmates within the prison system through the preparation of chaplains. He is also the founder of Christian Care Counseling Center, an outpatient clinic that offers counseling programs for the

community in Central Florida.


– In 1990 Amesty received the prestigious Gran Gordon de Oro award, granted by the Governor of the Federal District of Caracas, Venezuela, Dr. Antonio Ledezma, and in 1993 he received the Silver Sea Prize for the Embassy of Argentina.

– In the year 2000, Amesty became a member of “The Official College of Psychologists of Spain”

-In 2005, Amesty received the Community Impact Award for the great community work that was done through the Christian Care Counseling Center in Central Florida.

-In 2009 he received an honorary award from the Christian Educators Foundation in La Paz, Bolivia for the pioneering work of establishing a Christian Academic Institution in the suburbs of Bolivia.

Professional experience:

Amesty always had a passion for ministry and became a Youth Pastor at an early age. Later he joined the Police Department of the Federal District of Venezuela and in 1985 published a book entitled “The Police Against Delinquency”. In 1992, Amesty, together with the current President of the Assemblies of God in Venezuela, Luis Rodriguez, founded Reto a la Juventud (a rehabilitation center that currently has more than 4,000 men graduates). In 2001 he started the Christian Care Counseling Center and in 2003 he pioneered Central Christian University and many other organizations that have impacted the world with the gospel message.

E-mail:  Amesty@ccuusa.com

Telephone: +(1)-407-290-1609

Web site: https://ccu.education/en/home/

Carolina Amesty

International Director

Carolina has been part of CCU since its inception. He currently serves as International Affairs of the University & General Director of Global Strategies. As an international officer of CCU, she is responsible for all aspects of internationalization at the University. It works closely with staff, teachers and students to conceptualize and implement institutional initiatives and activities, to build international strategic alliances, develop academic programs and expand opportunities for internships and learning services for students. She and the global team also work in collaboration with numerous offices throughout the university to support the international students of CCU and to visit the school community. Oversees the Office of Global Strategies, the Office of Education Abroad, English as a Second Language Programs, and the International Office of Students and Scholars, as well as all international research associations, management and global operations. risks.

Carolina also serves as the coordinator for certificate programs, such as Florida Chaplains and American Chaplains. She has a long history of ministry in the local church, serving as a youth pastor, Christian education pastor and worship pastor.

In addition, Carolina is a member of the American Association of Political Science (APSA) and a Gilman Ambassador for the Gilman Fellowship funded by the United States Department of State.

She is passionate for the development of Christian education in third world countries and is fluent in several languages.

E-mail: carolina@amesty.net

Telephone: 407-290-1609 Ext. 103

Web site: https://ccu.education/en/home/

Dinoraht Amesty

Vice President of Chaplains of Florida

E-mail: dinoraht@ccuusa.com

Telephone: 407-290-1609 Ext. 104

Web site: https://ccu.education/en/home/


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